11. April 2014

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Igor Ledochowski; NLP and Covert Hypnosis

Igor Ledochowski, recognized world wide as an expert on covert hypnosis, was born on April fool’s day, 1974.  This accomplished Austrian product-and-bonus-topCount earned a law degree from the University of Exeter in 1996.  While pursuing his education he became interested in accelerated learning, using himself as a test subject on his developing techniques.

Graduating in 1996, he took a position at Linklaters Law Firm in 1998 but eventually resigned in order to devote himself full time to his real passion—covert hypnosis.

He discovered the work of Dr. Milton Erickson, a physician who believed that hypnosis has a positive effect on everyday life.  Erickson became proficient in hypnotizing people during the course of ordinary conversation; he did so because medical doctors were forbidden from using hypnosis and yet it could help so much in recovery.

The doctor became a self-taught expert in covert hypnosis, hypnotizing people during the course of ordinary conversation.  Igor heard about him in 1999 and became so immersed in the possibilities that he gave up his law practice to study under prominent hypnotists.

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Erickson died in 1980 without documenting his technique but did pass on his knowledge and techniques to other doctors.  Igor studied his methods using five volumes of his unpublished work and some old videotapes of training sessions.  He trained with therapists that had worked directly with the great man.  Using voluminous research and training plus his own experience, Igor integrated it all into a course he calls The Power of Conversational Hypnosis.

Man Caught On Video Hypnotizing
Cashiers Into Handing Over Cash Without
Resistance Or Memory Of What Happened…


Conversational hypnosis allows one to gain control over a subject without their being aware of it in the course of everyday conversation.  It allows you to establish a rapport with people that makes them want to open up to you and reveal things they normally wouldn’t.  You can convince them to stop smoking, to buy a product, to alter their everyday habits, even to heal their bodies and minds.  

Of course, you cannot make anyone do what they don’t want to but you can point them in the right direction using suggestions.  You control the conversation, guiding your “subject” onto the path you’ve chosen.

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Igor Ledochowski has used conversational hypnosis to help those with medical conditions, learning disabilities, insecurities, phobias and other debilitating conditions.  His book, The Deep Trance Training Manual (2003), is accepted as one of the best books on hypnosis for anyone that wants to learn.  He is currently developing the “iMethod”, a digital course that is designed to help individuals master their own minds.

His book, The Power of Conversational Hypnosis (Click Here and Get My 71% Off The Regular Price), is the best selling hypnosis course in the world.

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    1. May 2014

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    How to Apply Conversational Hypnosis Techniques

    After taking the course created by Igor Ledochowski titled ‘The Power of Conversational Hypnosis,’ you’ve unlocked several doors of opportunity. Which will you open? The possibilities are endless. From work to your home, you can apply it anywhere. It will work for you regardless of your age, class or gender too.

    For example, let’s consider a student practitioner. If you’re making a presentation, you want to charm your panel. How will you do that? With conversational hypnosis, you would be able to win over those who were judging you, to get the points you deserve. No need to be nervous about that report card any longer. Secure an A+ in your academic course by first learning all you can from such a course.

    Are you a teacher charged with the care of the nation’s future? On the other end of the spectrum, you can use this to better help the students who are in your care. Even better, you can also get them to rate you high in evaluations with your winning personality. This is all thanks to conversational hypnosis. Make every student a star student and watch their performances improve. You’ll be helping mold a better future.

    Those with jobs as salespeople would see even more of an immediate application. With quotas to meet, this sort of work can be extremely difficult. Those in the corporate setting often work hard to win over companies so that they can secure accounts. This takes a lot of effort when it comes to convincing. With the help of Conversational Hypnosis techniques, they can banish worry forever.

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    If you happen to be a single guy, you might also find yourself often striking out at the bar no matter how hard you try to dress well and use the best lines. Maybe that gorgeous girl you have your eye on has her guard up all of the time. Get her to trust you with the help of the techniques you’ve learned. Soon you’ll find her enthralled and conversing with you. Who knows? You may have just found you future wife.

    But what if you’re a single girl? Are you too shy to approach that guy because you’ve been burned so many times before? Gain confidence with the help of Igor Ledochowski and the lessons he’s taught. You can now confidently stride up and know you won’t be turned down. After all, with conversational hypnosis, you would be able to get anyone and everyone to like you and make any conversation interesting as well.

    When it comes to family, do you have trouble with the in-laws? Maybe your father-in-law doesn’t approve of you. Does your mother-in-law constantly criticize your cooking? Using various techniques, you would be able to turn them into your closest allies. With the help of conversational hypnosis, you can start up friendships you might have never had.

    In the end, the kinds of practitioners and ways to practice Conversational Hypnosis techniques like that taught in ‘The Power of Conversational Hypnosis’ is limitless. Join these ranks and be among them. Get the most out of life by winning over strangers and getting friends and allies you will need in order to get ahead.

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      Igor Ledochowski and The Power of Conversational Hypnosis

      Conversational hypnosis is a technique used and promoted by Igor Ledochowski, a world renowned hypnotherapist.  Conversational hypnosis is a remarkably effective tool, primarily because the subject is completely unaware that he or she is being hypnotized.

      This form of hypnosis was originally developed by Dr. Milton Ericksonian, a physician that saw a desperate need in his practice for some form of self healing.  In the first half of the 20th century doctors were forbidden to use hypnosis by the American Medical Association (AMA); they could lose their medical license.

      Dr. Ericksonian studied hypnosis and honed his skills until he could hypnotize a patient in the course of an ordinary conversation.  This covert form of hypnosis was very successful and the doctor saw a much improved recovery rate.  He used conversational hypnosis to help people with phobias, mild mental illness, physical injuries and chronic conditions and learning disabilities.

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      Conversational hypnosis was taught only to doctors until Igor Ledochowski became fascinated with Dr. Ericksonian’s techniques.  Although the good doctor passed away in 1980, Igor was able to study with many of the doctor’s protégés and developed his own style which was simple to understand, teach and practice.

      Have you ever started to do something that is routine and realized that when you finished it you did not remember doing most of it?  This is a good example of self-hypnosis—putting ourselves on autopilot like this is completely natural and nearly everyone has done it at one time or another.

      Conversational hypnosis puts your subject on autopilot, so to speak, while you are speaking with each other so that he or she is receptive to your suggestions.  There are verbal and non-verbal ways to communicate those suggestions so that your subject’s subconscious absorbs them and uses them to influence the person’s behavior.

      It takes practice to master the art of conversational hypnosis but most people can learn in a 6 day course that is en endorsed by the IAPCH (International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotists).  Igor Ledochowski has also published a self taught course and a new ebook will be available shortly.

      Anyone can learn conversational hypnosis and use it to further their careers, improve their lives and help others.  Gordon D’Silva of London, UK, states “This program has helped me improve my communication skills to bring greater wealth, success and the most valuable resource – time. Thanks Igor.”  An unhappy banker in Central London found a new career with conversational hypnosis.  In his own words, “…now I have a busy hypnotherapy clinic in Central London, doing a job I really love. The best bit is that for the first time now I am my own boss – in more ways than one!”

      “I am enjoying making other people feel good with the techniques I have learned. I have a greater sense of influence and feel like I have an edge in life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”, said N. Mackey fromIndiana,USA.  M. LeDoux from Louisiana wrote, “This is exactly what I have been looking for..and much more!”

      “This is some of the best training available.” M. Bing, Hypnotherapist-Dublin, Ohio USA

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        Conversational Hypnosis Techniques Revealed

        With conversational hypnosis, it’s a matter of looking at an assortment of techniques in order to get your intended results. You would also have to bring these techniques together in order to produce a desirable result. Keep this in mind when you’re trying out these techniques. The whole is more than the sum of its parts but you must realize how important each of these individual parts is. Without these parts, you don’t get the whole package.

        First up, we have “matching and mirroring.” This is a technique where you would need to mimic the person with you in order to get them on your side. It makes them put their shields down and welcome you. Through this, they will be open about sharing secrets about themselves even if they barely know you. There is a pitfall to this technique though and you are highly advised to purchase ‘The Power of Conversational Hypnosis’ by Igor Ledochowski to learn more.

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        Another technique that you’ll learn involves abolishing the “barrier to bonding.” Surprisingly, this means not being nice. A lot of discoveries can be made while going through Ledochowski’s 12 part recording course and this is one of them. Why is being nice actually counter-productive to hypnotic technique? Ledochowski has the answer to that and more.

        We also have an assortment of laws. Ledochowski cites the “Law of Reversed Effect” and “Law of Fractionation” among them. These lend some semblance of authority and concreteness to each technique brought forward. You will also learn how to make conversations with boring people become more interesting. “Deep Rapport” and “Wide Rapport” are other matters touched upon. There’s a wide array of skills to be learned.

        What exactly is “Hypnotic Rapport?” Igor Ledochowski has developed this technique which he then condensed into five steps in order to further share his wisdom. Make any person around you more at ease. This is the technique to make just about anyone comfortable around you. Definitely an asset to socializing!

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        In the finer points of this technique, you will also be taught how to create “rapport hooks.” With this tool, you can’t go wrong. You will also gain a fool-proof ability to charm. Your charisma will never fail you now. Learning all of this is vital to gaining the ultimate conversational hypnosis experience.

        This is all part of an “advanced rapport-building strategy” which will take you to the top. Suddenly people will look up to you. You’ll be a source of admiration. With this strategy, you’ll win the war when it comes to your awkwardness. Never again will you find yourself in an uncomfortable social situation. Who wouldn’t want that?

        Of course, this is just a taste of the techniques available from ‘The Power of Conversational Hypnosis’ . If you want the complete experience, purchasing the course is a necessity. This is the first step toward getting what you need out of life. Are you tired of not being able to adequately socialize? Do you want the world to be your oyster? With this course in hypnosis, you can finally be the best that you can be.

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          The Power of Conversational Hypnosis

          Conversational hypnosis isn’t a new concept; it has been around for more than half a century.  Originally conceived by a physician who needed an unobtrusive way to help his patients without losing his license, conversational hypnosis has been further developed and refined by Igor Ledochowski.

          product-and-bonus-topHe documented this unique skill in an instructional book and audio course entitled The Power of Conversational Hypnosis.

          Conventional hypnosis relies on the subject’s full cooperation, usually in a quiet, intimate setting where they can relax and interact with the hypnotherapist.

          This technique has been practiced for centuries and required that a subject be fully aware they were being influenced by suggestion.  Conversational hypnosis, often called covert hypnosis, has no such limits.

          Once proficient in the technique you can hypnotize anyone, anywhere and at any time.  It can be done on a plane, in a nightclub, at an airport or even over the phone!

          Covert hypnosis relies on your ability to “read” your subject and subtly persuade them to open up to you.  People who encounter a good covert hypnotist will often tell them things they would not dream of confiding even to their closest friends or their spouse. Once you arrive at this stage you can plant verbal or non-verbal suggestions that will influence their behavior.

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          Most covert hypnotists use the technique for therapeutic reasons; they may be helping someone break a bad habit like smoking, give them the confidence they need to get a promotion or help them with a medical condition.  It’s even effective on people with learning disabilities.

          As you can see, a lot of constructive things can be accomplished with conversational hypnotism.

          Learning conversational hypnosis can have astounding effects on your life.

          For example, entrepreneur John Taylor of Scotland noticed both big and small improvements in his own life when he learned covert hypnosis.

          “..the postman has stopped leaving my garden gate open..I got a discount on the cost of servicing my car…I’ve persuaded a young lady to join me for a meal..”.

          Students can also benefit greatly from learning these techniques.  Marcus Oakey of Surrey,UK, says,

          “..I flipped through a textbook..I was able to look over the pages and know exactly what was being written about.  I was reading the pages at a rate of 5 seconds per page..hypnosis allows the brain to automatically shift gears into higher states of learning.”

          Learning conversational hypnosis will allow you to help others but you also realize tremendous personal benefits.  In fact, Igor Ledochowski originally became interested in hypnotism for the purpose of doing well on his exams in college!

          Not only can you influence people through conversational hypnosis, the techniques will allow you to put anyone at ease instantly.  You learn what motivates people, how to inspire them to success and how to help the people you love overcome emotional slumps or drastic life changing events in a positive manner.

          Learning conversational hypnosis will benefit you and everyone you encounter.  Most people are able to master it in a six day seminar but recently Igor has made the program available electronically.

          CLICK HERE to Get 71% Off When You Order The Power of Conversational Hypnosis Today and here is what you will get:

          • The Power of Conversational Hypnosis audio program! (14 hours of first class instruction.)
          • The Power of Conversational Hypnosis manual! (Full Transcripts of all the audio sessions. PLUS, included in the Appendix are: i) The Language Pattern Cards ii) The Milton Model Handouts iii) The dialogue Gorgias which was written by Plato and is a great illustration of the Socratic method of influence & persuasion.
          • The Power of Conversational Hypnosis “cheat sheets!” (These handy cheat sheets summarize the 9-step blueprint for mastering the art of Conversational Hypnosis.)
          • Over 63 specific exercises that will help to ingrain the lessons into your subconscious mind.

          PLUS you also get 4 FREE BONUS Audio Sessions (Worth over $300):

          • Stealth Tactics Proven to Boost your Powers of Influence (62 minutes long.)
          • Conversational Hypnosis In Action – The Super Hypnotic Storyteller (64 minutes long.)
          • Top Secret – Breaking The Hypnotic Storyteller Code (74 minutes long.)
          • Advanced Secrets To Melting Conscious Resistance And Implanting Hypnotic Suggestions! (67 minutes long.)

          PLUS you can now take advantage of the:

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          • 60-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee
          • 100% No-Risk Trial

          So you have nothing to lose by ordering today. And if at any time during the 60 days after ordering this comprehensive course, it does not live up to your expectations then please get in touch for a full refund.

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